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Narrowing in on the character and teaching of Jesus, this guide encourages parents and care-givers, helping silence their inner critics, and calming their parenting anxieties. This guide does not emphasize rules and formulas, but resting in the way of Christ. It challenges parents to grow in the character and heart of Jesus, and to disciple their children in the same way. Divided into short lessons to fit a busy parent’s schedule, this guide can be used in group discussion or as a devotional. Topics include humility, gratitude, authority, obedience, integrity, mission, repentance, gentleness, righteousness, and parenting in the Spirit. Many of the over 300 Bible verses are printed within the text for the convenience of the reader.

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Parenting In Christ eased my anxiety as a parent, silenced my self criticism and helped me to focus on the way of Jesus with my children.   – Sarah Hoff, Mother and Teacher

This book inspired me to learn to apply the fruits of the Spirit to share (and model) the love of Christ with my children.  It was grounded in Scripture, and there was also so much real world advice that was incredibly helpful to me. – Nellie, Mother of 2

Parenting in Christ lays a biblical foundation for how to parent your children in grace and truth. It challenges you to first look within yourself and your relationship with Christ, and then look outward to your raising your children as disciples of Christ. The lessons are based in biblical principles and encourage challenging discussions, both within group settings as well as with your spouse. As a parent to young children, it has been encouraging to use this curriculum to help lay a foundation for our family early on. – Marie Kirchner Mother and staff member of Pacific Crossroads Church

It’s so refreshing to see guidance to parenthood that starts with the heart of Jesus, versus a list of do’s and don’ts. Our children are always watching us and how our heart changes affects them more than any successful parenting technique. I love how the material here really reminds us as parents how we ought to present this world to our children; it gives us freedom rather than making us feel anxious that we’re doing a bad job.  This study is full of scripture and is intended to point us all (parents and our children) to the heart of Jesus. – Carol Lee Shin, Mother

Christina does a wonderful job of providing Biblical understanding to the hard job of parenting.  Through Scripture, she implores parents to be more like Jesus when parenting their children.  I strongly believe that many parents will benefit from this study.  -Stephanie G. Cox, M.S.Ed, Author of Gentle Firmness and Parent Coach