Parenting in Christ: Lessons from the Parables – The Audiobook

It is a lovely study on the parables’ value for bringing up children. The format makes them very practical and useful for group study. Her insights into the implications for nurturing children (and adults) are excellent and highly applicable.”

Rev. Dr. William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary

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  1. Yvonne Morgan says:

    Congratulations! Great idea to use parables to help parents raise children. Prayers for much success

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thank you! I feel like the parables are surprisingly rich in wisdom for everyday living.

  2. Melissa Henderson says:

    What a great resource for parents and children! Many lessons can be learned from the parables.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Truly – I think many lessons can be learned from each parable!

  3. Karen Friday says:

    Great! There are so many benefits to audio books. I have many friends who listen while in their car. This will be a great resource. Sharing!

  4. Nancy E. Head says:

    Looks fascinating. I love the parables–and they do lend themselves to teachings for children. Congratulations and God bless!

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks! Yes – that’s why I also created a companion book for kids (8 and up)
      “Parenting in Christ: Lessons from the Parables for Kids”
      Not sure that would work as an audiobook. Do kids listen to audiobooks?

  5. Milton Goh says:

    Congrats on launching this audiobook! I think it’s hard to maintain your integrity with children when you tell them the right way to do something and you yourself practicing the wrong way when you think he/she isn’t looking!

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks Milton!
      Absolutely – we lose our trustworthiness and diminish our power as authority figures when we live like hypocrites. I read an article recently that children start off being very honest, but learn to lie from their parents. Mostly by example but also when we teach them white lies or politeness. It’s tricky to teach them how to be polite and maintain integrity!

  6. Jennifer King says:

    I have never listened to an audiobook before, but I may have to make this one my first. Most likely on either Amazon of Google Play.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks Jennifer – that would be awesome! I’d love to know your honest thoughts on it. I imagine most folks would listen while they’re driving … that’s when I listen to audiobooks, when I do.
      Seems like most parents are so busy these days that audiobooks are a good way to go.

  7. Stephen De La Vega says:

    This is a great resource for the busy parent who needs to slow down. I don’t listen to audio books but I know people who listen often while driving so I’ll be tweeting this. Thanks for your work.

    1. Christina Dronen says:

      Thanks for sharing Stephen!
      I hope it encourages and builds up whoever listens. I think especially new & young moms are particularly busy. Babies are work!!

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